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About R.A.M. American Handmade

Founded 2021 Allentown Pennsylvania


Born and raised in the Lehigh valley. I'm a direct descendant of the first German to emigrate to Pennsylvania in 1680, Heinrich Frey, 2 years prior to William Penn's Arrival. My Family has roots deep into Lehigh and Berks County, Pennsylvania  going back to the first settlers of the valley in the early 1720's. I learned much about my PA Dutch heritage and the hex signs I paint from my late uncle Randy Geist. An expert of sorts on our history and culture. He first introduced me to this beautiful folk art and taught me over 30 years ago. My Grandmother Shirley Dornblaser was also a huge influence on my love for our culture. When she was a child in Dryville Berks co, her father Robert would often send her to spend time with, help out and learn from the old lady next door, who happened to be the neighborhood Pow-Wow or Braucherei practitioner. In 2014 I began to paint them on various pieces of wood and old slate roofing shingles salvaged from local barns as gifts for friends and family. Now 8 years later I am lucky enough to be able to do the art I love full time while living with my wife, two children and crazy dog in the bucolic country side of North Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania.

   Robert Aaron Maletsky

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